My Mission

My approach to therapy is based upon the premise that CBT is not just a job, but a vocation. I believe that it’s a privilege to work with clients who may feel a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability about discussing their feelings and problems with a ‘stranger’.

Going Forward With CBT

Welcome to Going Forward with CBT
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My name is Margaret Holmes, but most people call me Mags. My work as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, provides a personalised and confidential approach to talking therapy for adults aged 18 and over.



How CBT Works

CBT is one of the most well researched talking therapies to date. In essence, CBT helps us to work together to identify the key links between our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical responses. This can then help us to understand and make sense of a client’s responses and reactions to their problems (which can often be unhelpful).


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A little about me…

I am a fully qualified CBT practitioner and have completed a Post Graduate Degree in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at the University of Huddersfield. I am also BABCP registered.

The 35 years experience I have within the field of mental health has involved both community and crisis work. It is my belief that my nursing background (within mental health) has served to provide a strong foundation for the delivery of effective Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy.


Book an Appointment

I am available for individual Skype, Zoom or telephone therapy sessions (via a secure network) from Monday to Friday between 2pm and 6pm.

Assessment and sessions: Your initial assessment appointment will last 50 minutes. All subsequent therapy sessions will also last 50 minutes.



Thanks Mags.

“I’d just like to say thanks Mags. Not just for the therapy, but also for putting me at ease and helping me to realise that my worries and fears are not that unusual. All the work we did together has helped me feel more confident about myself and the future.”

JG | Wakefield

I didn’t realise how CBT could make such a difference

“I didn’t realise how CBT (in the right hands) could make such a difference in a short space of time – especially since my problems have been around for several years. I ‘m now able to manage them and take back control of my life. It’s made such a difference to my outlook on life and my mood in general. Thank you so much Mags for your help and understanding.”

AP | Wakefield

Keep on working your magic.

“I can’t believe how anxious I was about starting CBT and worrying that you might think I was making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not only changed my general outlook in a big, but close friends and family have all noticed a positive change in me. In fact, I hope you’re not offended, but we now refer to you as Magic Mags ! I’m certainly more relaxed and less anxious now that my sleep has improved. Keep on working your magic.”

BP | Wakefield


Going Forward


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Going Forward With CBT