How Does CBT Work?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most well researched talking therapies to date. In essence, CBT helps us to work together to identify the key links between our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical responses. This can then help us to understand and make sense of a client’s responses and reactions to their problems (which can often be unhelpful).

An integral part of CBT is inter-session work – or homework – the nature of which will vary according to your therapeutic needs. By planning homework together at a manageable pace, the value of inter-session work will quickly become apparent. Examples of homework include reading (CBT related), keeping diaries or record sheets, completion of questionnaires and experimenting with new ways of responding to situations.

By promoting an understanding of any unhelpful responses, the skills learnt during CBT can help us to work together to achieve your therapy goals. The nature of CBT also promotes the lifelong development of such skills (following the ending of therapy sessions) which can also minimise your risk of relapse.

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